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Welcome to the Majestic Premium Selections - As a purveyor of many fine wines, Majestic hopes to spot-light unique wines both for everyday consumption and cellar acquisition.  These wines can be purchased directly at any Fine Wine and Spirits Store or can be ordered by ...

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Paul Goerg Champagne Brut Reserve (546961)

Long a grower for some of Champagne’s finest houses, Paul Goerg also makes a line of recoltant, i.e. grower-produced champagnes.  Recoltant champers is a hot trend among urban sommeliers and for good reason – grower-producers can ensure quality at every step of growing and vinification.  At under $40 and produced exclusively with premier-cru fruit, this champagne is an amazing value.

Roux Pere et Fils Beaune Monte Rouge 2011 (531588)

The Roux family started with just four acres in 1885, and is now in the top 10 landowners in Burgundy.  They are committed to selecting the right vineyard sites (all vineyards are planted on south- or west-facing slopes) and to balancing tradition with technology.  Their Monte Rouge 2011 gets its name from the red soils of the specific vineyard site.  The wine is fermented and aged over a year in French oak barrels.  It pairs perfectly with patés, cured meats, duck, or game.   

Maison L. Tramier et Fils Roncier Blanc NV  (536859)  

In European winegrowing regions, locals often visit their neighborhood winery or co-op, toting an empty water jug which is filled direct from tank or barrel with an everyday drinking wine - their “house wine.”  One of our importers found such a situation in Burgundy where the L. Tramier house bottles a lovely chardonnay (much of which is declassified Mercury) and convinced them to export it.  This wine is lovely and balanced, and priced right for a party or as your Tuesday night roast chicken wine. 

Georges Duboeuf Cote de Brouilly Domaine du Riaz 2011 (542534)  

Cru Beaujolais is one of the most versatile wines for pairing with food.  It’s fruit-forward, “grapey” quality lends itself spectacularly to the tradition Thanksgiving meal, where sweet, savory, and tart dishes mingle.


La Quercia Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2012  (539932)   

Committed to managing yields for quality and intensity, and to farming organically, La Quercia is a great Montepulciano.  Priced perfectly for Sunday Family dinner, it is terrific with classic Italian-American meat dishes such as braciole, and tomato-based sauces.

Viberti Buon Padre Barolo 2009 (543276)  

Viberti was founded a century ago, when Antonio Viberti bought the Al Buon Padre Inn, along with an adjacent farm that produced the food and wine served at the Buon Padre’s restaurant.  Today Antonio’s grandsons run the business.  Best with some age, this wine is heavenly with roasted or braised meats.

Jacopo Biondi Santi Sassoalloro 2010 (538695)  

Jacopo Biondi Santi is the great grandson of Ferrucio Biondi Santi, considered by many to be the Father of Brunello, and the son of Franco Biondi-Santi and grandson of Tancredi Biondi Santi, who brought their Biondi Santi Tenuta Greppo wines to fame.  Jacopo continues the tradition by producing wines in the Maremma at the Castle of Montepo.  Sassoalloro is 100% Sangiovese and spends 14 months in barrel prior to release.     


Hourglass Estate Cabernet 2011 (543871)  

Hourglass has been one of Napa’s top cult labels since its first release.  It’s made with grapes grown on the Napa Valley Floor, just north of the town of St. Helena, where the Valley’s waist cinches creating an hourglass shape.  Their cabernet is intensely extracted and beautifully balanced, and is a welcome addition to the collector’s cellar.

Girard Artistry Magnum 2010  (546378)  

We love magnums for their elegant presentation and festive vibe. If you and your guests are planning to finish two bottles of a stellar red blend, we can’t think of a better option for under $100.                 

Round Pond Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon 2011  (544745)  

Bob and Jan Macdonnel started buying land in Napa in the early 80’s.  For years the family operated solely as growers, selling to some of the Valley’s most prestigious producers.  Their children, Ryan and Miles, now run the estate, where they produce estate olive oil, raise chickens, farm vegetables, and of course grow grapes.

Ehlers Estate Merlot 2010  (535137)  

Ehlers has long been a favorite of in-the-know Napa aficionados.  Winemaker Kevin Morrissey trained at Petrus and brings that lush but structured approach to the wines he makes for Ehlers Estate.  Grown biodynamically and organically on the rocky, volcanic soil of the winery’s 42-acre contiguous estate then aged 18 months in French oak, this is truly a cab-lover’s merlot.                 

Summers Estate Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010  (543314) 

Beth and Jim Summers founded their winery in 1996.  Beth comes from a third-generation California winegrowing family, and Jim had been farming grapes in Knights Valley since 1987.  Ready to produce a wine of his own, the two began Summers Estate.  Knights Valley is at the Northernmost tip of the Napa Valley, and has hot days moderated by cool and foggy nights.  This cooling allows for slow ripening which adds nuance to the wines big flavors.

Merryvale Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010  (533022)  

Housed in the first winery built in Napa Valley after the repeal of prohibition, this blue-chip producer continues their tradition of consistent, beautifully crafted Bordeaux varietals and blends. With fruit from the Stagecoach Vineyard and other renowned sites, this cabernet ages 23 months in French Oak. 

Saintsbury Carneros Pinot Noir 2011  (528615)  

Saintsbury’s founder and proprietor Dick Ward has been producing Carneros pinot since before that district was an official Americal Viticultural Area.  His Carneros pinot is the anchor of their winemaking program and among the most nuanced and elegant of wines from the appellation. 

Clos Pegase Merlot Mitsuko’s Vineyard 2009  (542873)  

Produced in the landmark Michael Graves-designed winery, nestled in Calistoga’s Applebone Vineyard, this merlot is lush and lovely with good structure yet all of the roundness and voluptuousness merlot lovers seek.

Volunteer Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 (531866)  

Volunteer is made by Tony Leonardini, the son of the owners of Whitehall Lane Winery.  Raised in Napa Valley, Tony’s lifelong relationships have enabled him to source great fruit at very good prices.  The result is this very solid Napa Cab at under $25.  Tony works as a volunteer firefighter in St. Helena, CA and has fought forest fires throughout the state; his passion for this volunteer work is where the wine got its name.

Fess Parker Santa Barbara County Chardonnay  (538098)  

Boomers will remember Fess from his portrayals of Davy Crocket and Daniel Boone in 1950’s and 60’s-era television shows.  Fess purchased 714 acres near his hotel in Santa Barbara in the 80’s and began planting grapes for wine production. The winery remains family owned and operated, celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year.  This is a balanced chardonnay in a crowd-pleasing style.  We love it with lobster in butter sauce, crab cakes or roast chicken.

Artesa Estate Reserve Pinot Noir 2010  (524364)  

Made by Mark Beringer from grapes grown on Carneros vineyards, this pinot is a great value.  For a perfect pairing, serve it with anything mushroom – pasta, crostini, risotto, soup.  It’s also wonderful with chicken, duck, and red meat.

Steltzner Claret 2012  (543526)   

From family-owned Stag’s Leap producer Steltzner comes an irresistibly-priced “claret,” the traditional English term for a Bordeaux blend.  The wine is perfect for gifting or serving to a crowd at a holiday meal with the family’s favorite meat, poultry, or game dish.

Sonoma Coast Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2012  (540465)  

While we may think of it as a summer wine, sauvignon blanc has its place at the fall and winter table.  The SCV 2012 bottling is crisp and clean, perfect with oysters or as an aperitif.

Meyer Family Port  

The Meyer family founded Silver Oak winery.  After selling it they founded their eponymous winery.  Their port is a wonderful option to accompany chocolate desserts or serve with a blue cheese after dinner (cigar optional).


L’Ecole 41 Perigee Estate 2011 (546832)  

Named Winery of the Year in 2013 by Wine and Spirits Magazine and boasting numerous 90+ point scores, L’Ecole 41 is a second-generation family-owned winery.  This cabernet sauvignon-dominated blend is perfect as a gift or served with beef, duck, or lamb.


Dry Fly Vodka (505792)  

Made in Spokane, Washington and inspired by a passion for fly-fishing, this vodka is small-batch distilled from grains grown sustainably on local farms.  Enjoy it in your preferred vodka cocktail, or straight out of the freezer with Pacific smoked salmon or gravlax on buttered rye toast.

Luxardo Amaretto di Saschira (503135)  

Enjoyed straight or used to flavor coffee (Italians call it caffè corretto, or “corrected coffee”) this amaretto bursts with almond and vanilla flavor.  Only almonds grown in southern Sicily, which is regarded by many as the best region in the world for almond cultivation, may be used in its production.  For an easy and decadent dessert, serve it over premium ice cream with toasted slivered almonds.